From Istanbul to Uludağ Transfer Service

From Istanbul to Uludağ Transfer Service

Via Viaport Transfer, your trips to Uludağ skiing centre will be extremely safe and easy. The skiing centre, which is located in Bursa, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. It is quite important to travel with experienced drivers and equipped cars, especially in the harsh conditions of Winter. With Viaport Transfer, you will not be worrying about that. We make sure you arrive at your hotel so that you can start your holiday in a safe way.

How many hours is it between Istanbul and Bursa Uludağ?

So, how many hours will it take to arrive in Uludağ? How many hours is it between Uludağ and Istanbul? Firstly, transportation becomes very quick with the help of the new bridge. We guarantee that your trip will be done in a maximum of 3 hours while assuring a safe and quick experience.


The Quality of our Istanbul - Uludağ Transfer Service

We use safe cars to provide a better service for our customers. Our totally qualified cars are also suitable for mountain trips. Mercedes Vito VIP cars are prepared specially to make your trip more comfortable and safer. Also, our drivers’ experiences will be a great factor for you to have an enjoyable trip.

You can have beverages in the car during the trip. Also, you can use unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the trip. Vıa Istanbul - Uludağ VIP vehicle, you can use the internet whenever you want. In addition, you can ask for breaks any time you want to.


Istanbul - Uludağ Transfer Service Corona Virus Precautions

The Istanbul-Uludağ Transfer will be advantageous for you with its Corona Virus precautions. We prioritize your health by regularly disinfecting our cars and arranging our passenger numbers by your wishes. Considering all these, we offer a professional transfer service.


Istanbul - Uludağ Transfer Request

You can use our services to experience an amazing winter holiday. You can immediately get in touch with our crew if you want to. If you wish, you can also make a reservation using our official website.

It will be enough for you to tell the date and the number of people to use our Istanbul - Uludağ VIP transfer service. You can inform us about the details of your trip once we contact you. When the trip date is decided, the car information will be sent to you.

You can try the Uludağ transfer service for safe and luxury transportation.

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